Bio (Life) + Geo (Earth) + Metry (Measurement As In Land Surveys) 

Measurement Of The Life Energy of the Earth, Including All The Life Systems Within It

BioGeometry is a new field of science, founded by Dr. Ibraheim Karim, that uses specially designed language of shapes, color, sound, motion, and wave configuration to induce harmony into subtle biological energy systems. The cornerstone of BioGeometry is the One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality, aka BG3.

BioGeometry is a new field of science that uses specially designed language of shapes, color, sound, motion, and wave configuration to induce harmony into subtle biological energy systems. The cornerstone of BioGeometry is the One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality (BG3) at the center of the natural forming process. The term BioGeometry is a proprietary label that Dr. Ibrahim Karim coined. It is composed of the roots: Geo = Earth, Metry = measurement, Bio= life, Geometry = Earth measurement (as in land surveys).  BioGeometry = measurement of the earth’s life energy (including all life systems).

A proprietary term coined by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry is the measurement of the earth’s life energy (including all life systems within it).

Discovered by Dr. Karim, BioGeometry 3 (aka “BG3”)  is the combination of three essential subtle energy qualities of Horizontal Negative Green, Higher Harmonic of Ultra Violet, and Higher Harmonic of Gold. 

“BG3” is found in sacred sites all over the world and is considered to be beneficial in promoting growth and healing in all living things.

BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) service is a “home-centric” approach that recognizes our energetic interconnectivity with our home environments as an integral part of our quality of life and well-being.  BG-EHS services geometrically enhance home environments with balancing solutions that amplify the beneficial energetic quality of “BG3’ to harmonize environmental stress caused by electromagnetic and geopathic stress (earth radiation), building materials, interior finishes, and disturbances from particular design and structural elements.

When the BG-EHS practitioner harmonizes a home, the environment is saturated with the beneficial quality of “BG3,” so you may experience some wonderful perks!  

  • Enhanced immunity level.
  • Less agitation.
  • A general feeling of relaxation.
  • More restful sleep.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Fewer headaches.
  • Better-tasting water.  
  • Foods may have a longer shelf life. 
  • Plants may grow healthier and have fewer pests. 

…and you may even find more birds and other wildlife returning to your area.

BG-EHS Service Level




P3-BG3 Center BG Space Harmonizer Solution (per floor)


BG-EHS Doorway Disc Solution

BG-EHS Cubic Disc Doorway Solution


BG-EHS Cubic Disc Earth Horizontal Gridlines Solution


BG-EHS Top Stress Gateway Point Solution


BG3 Electrical Panel Solution

B3P Water Supply Solution

P3P BG3 L90 Solution – Mirrors & Windows


P3P BG3 L66 Solution – Electrical Outlets and Appliances


P3P BG3 L-WiFi Solution – Modem/Router

BG-EHS Cubic Disc Vertical Earth Gridlines Layering


BG-EHS H/B & C Vertical Earth Gridlines Solution & Layering


P3P Specific HRP High-Concern Environmental Criteria Solution


P3P Specific Environmental Criteria Layering Corrections


P3P Material Balancing Wheel BG3 Center Solution


P3P Directional BG3 Centering Torus/Hemberg Solution


Please get in touch with us. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote for the appropriate BG-EHS service level thereafter.


The licensed BG-EHS Associate-Practitioner and BG-EHS Practitioner are certified to provide BG-EHS solutions to the outdoor areas of a residential property with an existing home. 

BG-EHS is a fully customized service that caters to each Client’s unique space.  Upon an initial discussion of the Client’s needs, the BG-EHS practitioner will advise the Client of any preparations that may be needed in advance of the appointment.

Besides light dusting, no maintenance is required for the BG-EHS tools once installed.  

To keep the room or house harmonized, however, it is critical that the BG-EHS tools are left intact and not to be moved or relocated once a licensed BG-EHS practitioner has installed them.

Detox effects, which may include some mild physiological, mental and emotional cleansing effects, may be experienced for a day or two following the implementation of BG-EHS.  This natural and positive response includes normal cleansing or detox reactions, such as coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, lucid dreaming, mild skin reactions, and sleepiness.  

If symptoms persist, please get in touch with a medical professional.

Disclaimer: BG-EHS services are not a medical diagnosis or treatment form and should under no circumstances replace or interfere with conventional medical diagnosis or treatment.  It is an evidence-based and solution-oriented holistic environmental science, with all claims offered solely on the basis and findings of the BioGeometry Environmental Research Portfolio.  BioGeometry, BG-EHS services, and related BioGeometry tools have not been independently evaluated by the medical community.

The BioGeometry Environmental Research Portfolio provides numerous examples of BioGeometry scientific research conducted in collaboration with independent institutions, universities, and government agencies.  BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment. It is an evidence-based and solution-oriented holistic environmental science, with all claims solely based on the extent of the scientific research findings.

Only BG-EHS Associate-Practitioners and BG-EHS Practitioners who are trained and licensed by BioGeometry Canada are authorized to perform BG-EHS solutions.  These certified independent licensed BG-EHS practitioners represent BioGeometry with scientific integrity and ethical professionalism and efficiently and effectively apply the BG-EHS work to provide quality BG-EHS  services to the public.  

Please note BG-EHS  licenses are not general practitioner  BioGeometry licenses and do not extend to the commercial provision of  BioGeometry design services or any BioSignatures healing work. However, BG EHS  licensees may offer free guidance to clients on using the  BioSignatures  Book and/or  BioGeometry personal energy-quality balancing retail products.

Independent licensed BG-EHS Associate-Practitioners and  BG-EHS Practitioners are equally integral and valuable members of the BG-EHS Program.  All licensees are held to the same ethical standards, quality of work, and the responsibility to represent BioGeometry and the BG-EHS Program with integrity and transparency.      

BG-EHS  Associate-Practitioners are granted the right to commercially offer the Introductory  Consultation and Essential BG-EHS service levels solely for existing residential properties.

BG-EHS Practitioners are granted the right to commercially offer the Introductory Consultation, Essential, Core, and Core-Plus BG-EHS service levels solely for existing residential properties and private offices.


The BG-EHS practitioner harmonizes the home at the holistic level and is fully equipped to address disturbances caused by “electrosmog.” BioGeometry is the only science that has been effectively applied on a broad scale to harmonize the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (Earth energy grids) on biological systems.

People interested in learning about BioGeometry may take advantage of the introductory and advanced courses available to the general public.  However, many people who have studied BioGeometry may find it difficult to fully harmonize their homes at the optimal level and in a timely fashion.  In these cases, we recommend consulting a licensed BG-EHS practitioner to effectively achieve the highest level of BG3 energy quality benchmarks throughout the home environment.