A Home Should Be An Oasis For Rest, Healing And Growth!

There is growing evidence that our modern home environments are more harmful to our well-being than ever before. We are becoming increasingly disconnected from our insulated artificial environments’ natural energy dynamics of health and well-being.
The “Home-Centric” BioGeometry Environmental Home Solution (BG-EHS) Recognizes That Our Energetic Inter-Connectivity With Our Home Is Integral To Quality-Of-Life.

BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions is a service performed by Licensed BG-EHS practitioners. We work with clients to create and amplify beneficial energy balancing qualities of BG3 to harmonize the energies in their homes or commercial spaces. BG3, a term coined by Dr. Ibrahim Karim through his 50 years of scientific research, is found in sacred sites all over the world and is considered to be beneficial in promoting growth and healing in all living things. BG3 transmutes the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, construction and furnishing materials, Earth radiation, building structure and design, and water.

What is BioGeometry?

Bio (Life) + Geo (Earth) + Metry (Measurement)
Measurement of Life Energy of the Earth, Including all the Life Systems Within It

Our Practitioners

Our mission is to create BG3 centered spaces for abundance, wholeness and connection

Jean Menges

Licensed BG-EHS Practitioner since 2014

Nancy Torres

Licensed BG-EHS Practitioner since 2017